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Long fingers wrap around my hand as we enter the tunnel of candy-apple red walls
Your crystal-clear blue eyes smile at me with the innocence of youth
A single red rose, an 'I love you' on the phone and then 4 years pass.
We walked next to each other draped in the same eye-popping red that warm June
Ironic how that worked out
You smiled at me again with those familiar clear blue eyes
I turned right, you turned left and then another five years...maybe more.
Your eyes are haunted now
They're still blue, but they no longer sparkle with the innocent youth they once did.
Can we go back?
Back to those days in red halls and warm, star-filled nights?
Back to youth?
It was all so easy then...

It's a Love-Hate Relationship

The more time that I spend living in Europe, the more I realize how much of an Oregonian I am at heart. As much as I love living abroad (Vienna was amazing and, I find it safe to say, Edinburgh is even better), I will always return to, and feel a special connection to, my 'home' in the Pacific Northwest. Though this is true and will always remain a fact, I have compiled a list of reason why I love and hate (or severely dislike) living in Edinburgh. I could do this with Oregon as well, but for now we'll stick with the current situation.

Reasons why I love Edinburgh:
1. I love Scotland in general. The countryside is absolutely gorgeous and it's a great place to live. The Highlands have, by far, been my favorite physical attribute which the country has to offer. I only hope to see them toward the end of summer in order to witness hills that are completely and fantastically covered in bright purple heather.
2. Scottish people! I have come to the conclusion that Sco…