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The Murderer's Daughters

I just finished reading Randy Susan Meyers' The Murderer's Daughters for one of the book clubs I'm involved in.  This was our June pick, though we had to extend it to July due to everyone having such a packed month and being unable to finish it.  I was happy when this book was chosen because it's been on my To Read list for awhile and I just hadn't gotten around to actually reading it.

As the title suggests, the story follows the lives of Lulu and Merry, the daughter's of a murderer who just happened to kill their mother and tried to kill Merry and himself while at it, and spans thirty years of their lives.  As would be expected, their lives are anything but normal.  Immediately after the murder, their father is thrown in jail and the girls go to live with their maternal grandmother.  When she dies they are foisted onto their mother's sister and her husband only to be shoveled out to an orphanage quite quickly.  They experience several disturbing situations…