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A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013

April is just around the corner and that means the much anticipated month-long blogging event "The A-Z Blogging Challenge."  I am a second year participant of this challenge and look forward to the many blogs and bloggers that I will encounter throughout April.  Last year I didn't have any set theme and I'm not exactly sure how I'll approach it this year.  There's still a month to prep for the challenge, but knowing me I'll wait until the very last minute and throw together a hodge-podge of randomness. 

The blogging challenge is a great event because it introduces your blog to people and it allows you to visit blogs that you might not normally come across.  I know that there are several blogs that I now follow who were 2012 participants.  If you'd like to be a participant, here's the link to sign up

Can't wait for April 1st!

Alive and Pseudo-Kicking

It's been months since I've posted or written anything on my poor blog :(  So sad.  What with moving, taking a night class for "fun", and starting a new job where I spend the majority of the day working on a computer, sometimes the last thing I want to do is spend more time on the computer writing a blog post.  In the few months that I have been away I've read a ton of books, so I'm really, really, really behind on reviews.  I haven't kept up with Teaser Tuesdays.  And, most tragically, I've neglected participating in Why I Love Wednesdays, which was always my favorite meme.  Sigh.  I need to get back in the swing of things and regularly post again because I miss it.  I miss interacting with the online community.  I miss getting my thoughts down on "paper".  And I miss writing!  Perhaps I'll have time on Sunday, after writing a review/summary of my Irish History text for Monday's class, to sit down and do something here.  Maybe a Gra…