25 and counting...

So it seems as if it has been years since I've posted anything. And it has...well, almost. Things are progressing ever so slowly in the good ole UK. By progression, I mean that the time is going by and, yes, I finally have a supervisor for my dissertation. Yikes...but in a good way. That said, I now wonder if my topic can actually garner a 60 page paper. May have to write five chapters instead of three. Ha! Most people who hear the foundations of my topic seem interested. But that could just be a polite front, to which I kindly say "Bugger off ye wee, mindless morons!" Haha. Other than that, not much going on. I will celebrate the fantastic-ness that is my birth this weekend. The quarter century mark. Whoa. Quarter century and what exactly have I accomplished with my life besides loads and loads of student debt and a bit of world traveling? Ah well...at least it's been fun. Maybe it's just me, but this post seems utterly eloquent and thought-provoking. Of course that could be due to the copious amounts of Guinness (and rum) that are now coursing through my veins...or it could be that I am just that good. I'm going to go with the latter. Makes me feel better..."Here honey, have some whiskey. Makes ya feel better!" How wise the old crone is. Those who understand this reference will get a kick...perhaps even a laugh. Haha. Those who don't, well they deserve a "betch slap." Oi...I need to walk away from the computer before it incriminates me in some fashion. Maybe an outpouring of feelings, as I never divulge those, or something else utterly devastating to my psyche in the morning. Ah the lure of the internet and the loosening of my tongue/mind/morals/conscience when alcohol is involved. Alright...the floodgates have opened...must jet! Cheerio dahlings!


  1. "Here Hun, have some whiskey, makes ya feel better!"


    I smell the shit you're steppin in.

    And whiskey and guiness? Are you trying to grow chest hair?



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