Are You There, Vodka? (Book #2)

The second book in my A-Z Book Reading Challenge, and the first on the actual list, Chelsea Handler's Are You There, Vodka?  It's Me, Chelsea was a light, enjoyable read and a good break from the heavier novels that I've been attracted to lately.  I've read both of Handler's other novels, My Horizontal Live and Chelsea, Chelsea Bang, Bang, and have enjoyed all of them.  This choice was a nice mixture of episodes from Handler's seeminly insane life.  I swear that woman gets into more hijinks than I can imagine!  Whether it's getting jumped by a bunch of high school gangster wannabe's or having a midget con artist bum money off her to bail her deadbeat husband our of jail, Handler has a knack for making the reader laugh out loud throughout the book.  She starts the collection with an outrageous lie about starring in a movie with Goldie Hawn that she tells to the school in order to be accepted.  This, of course, leads to more problems that she must lie her way out of in order to avoid further humiliation.  I think that my favorite chapter has to be Prison Break which explains her getting pulled over for a DUI and then subsequently getting arrested for fraud because her sister claimed she stole her identity (by using her id to get into bars).  This set a fairly high bar and, I must say, Handler delivered the entire way through.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the chapter that included a birthday party for a woman she hardler knew and the re-gifting of a present given to her by another friend also in attendance.  Ultimately, this was a pretty good read and I must say that I'll continue to read whatever Handler writes!


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