Vernon God Little (Book #10)

It took me quite a while to finish this book.  I don't know if it was the style, the language, or the story in general that kept me from getting settled and engaged.  DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little was the 2003 winner of the Man Booker Prize, the award for the very best literature written for that year.  Somehow I don't think I agree with this decision.  Yes, the book is good, but I did not think that it was great.  There were so many great novels published in 2003, and, forgive me, but Pierre's isn't the best. 

The novel centers around Vernon Gregory Little and the aftermath of a school shooting, of which he is accused of participating, in small Martirio, Texas.  The reader is taken on a journey encompassing Vernon's thought process, attempted escapes, border crossings, and eventual incarceration.  All of these segments are separated into five acts that chronicle the events leading up to the conclusion of the story...the trial and it's consequences.

Yes, there are several instances that cause the reader to gasp or yell out in indignation, but for the most part I found the story to be uncompelling and unbelievible.  The language used is intended to be colloquial, yet at times there are terms that slip into the vocabulary that are definitely not indigineous to American English.  Perhaps this is a reflection on Pierre's own upbringing (Australia, Texas, and Mexico City).

The one aspect of the language that I did enjoy was the evolution throughout the book.  There is a definite shift in tone and maturity that Pierre showcases brilliantly through Vernon's development as a character.  For this alone I applaud the writing.

Ultimatley I would rate this book as a C...maybe a B- if I'm in a giving mood.  It will be interesting to see how they develop this into a film...because they are.


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