Fifty Shades of Grey: A Review

E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey has become quite the hot little ticket in the "literary" world (I use that term loosely); especially when it comes to the leanings of suburban housewives and whatnot.  While I did put off reading this book for a bit, I finally caved to the pressure and bought the whole damn trilogy.

Grey follows the developing relationship between recently graduated English major Anastasia Steele and Seattle business tycoon Christian Grey.  Anastasia soon becomes completely mesmerized by Christian, as does every single other woman who comes in contact with him, though she tries desperately to keep her distance from Christian and the intense feelings he has for her.  As the two get to know each other, revelations about Christian and his...preferences...are revealed to both Anastasia and the reader.  Soon the two embark on a rather erotic, passionate, and very physical affair.

I must be honest in my opinion; it was a quick, engaging, and jaw-dropping read!  At times I was really enjoying the storyline and at other times I would be asking myself "how is this relevant?  how did I get sucked into this?"  One major aspect that turned me off was the first person narrative that James uses to tell the story.  While I understand why this was the chosen mode of communication, I've never been a big fan of first person, present narratives.  Regardless, I was able to look past this and voraciously read the book.  It's quite good (though at times shockingly uncomfortable) and worth the read. 

In addition, there's speculation that they're adapting this book into a screenplay.  Universal has the rights.  The only rating this movie could ever walk away with would be an NC-17 or XXX.  Whoa.  Check it out!


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