Why I Love...Gifted Books

Another Wednesday has fallen upon us and that means it's time for another edition of "Why I Love Wednesday", a meme hosted by Alexis at Reflections of a Bookaholic.  This week's topic is Gifted Books.  While I don't tend to get many books as gifts (I can be slightly difficult to buy books for) and am more apt to give them, there are a few that have been given to me and were great gifts.

First on this list would be Ingeborg Bachmann's Malina.  I received this book in the original German from my, much loved, German professor when I graduated from undergrad.  She wrote a beautiful inscription on the front page and it's definitely a book that I will keep for as long as I can.  I have yet to read the entire thing (it's in German, therefore a little more slow-going than an English version), but I am determined to one day finish it.

Secondly would be a Christmas present I received from my parents years ago.  I have always been a huge fan of Nirvana and when Kurt Cobain's Journals was published, my parents got it for me.  I was so incredibly ecstatic.  It's a fascinating glimpse into Cobain's mind.  A messed up, genius mind.  The book is filled with lyrics, drawings, musings, and so much of what made Cobain tick.

Last on the list is Billy Corgan's Blinking with Fists:  Poems.  Again, having been a huge fan of the Smashing Pumpkins for ages, Corgan's collection of poetry was a completely natural book to receive as a gift.  I received this from a friend in college.  He felt that I would love it just as much as he did (also a huge Pumpkins fan).  Corgan's poetry is beautifully written and intriguing, much like his music.  It was a fantastic gift.

I could come up with a lot more, I'm sure.  In fact, I know that I almost always get cookbooks as gifts during the holidays.  I love cookbooks, have a ton, and will continue to collect them.  But these three books were the top books that came to mind when I thought of books that had been given to me as gifts over the years.  What are yours?


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