Why I Love...The Babysitters Club

Midway through the week and it's time for an installation of Why I Love Wednesday, a meme hosted by Alexis from Reflections of a Bookaholic.  Today's topic is Favorite Childhood Series.  And, like many women my age, my favorite childhood series is, hands down, The Babysitters Club.

I loved, loved, loved The Babysitters Club.  I wanted to be a part of that club so badly.  I wanted to start my own Oregon chapter and conquer the needs of frazzled parents in a fun, timely, and enthusiastic manner.  Instead I contented myself with reading about the exploits of Stacey, Mary Anne, Claudia, Kristy, Dawn, Jessi, Mallory, and Logan and the town of Stoneybrook.  My favorite character was always Claudia because she was an artist.  I also really liked Dawn because she was earthy and crunchy (a very Northwest trait).  The issues that the series dealt with were spot on for me as a child/young teen and I really connected with these characters.

My love for this series even went so far as the movies.  I remember having a VHS episode of the BSC series, Claudia and the Secret Passage.  I watched that thing so much.  And when the movie version came out, I'll admit that I watched it and liked it quite a bit (despite the fact that I had "outgrown" the series).  In fact, I bought that same movie a couple years ago and watch it occasionally.  Not embarrassed to admit it :)

New mission:  Find ALL of the books in the series!!!

Other Notables
Sweet Valley Twins/High (though my sister enjoyed these more than I did)
Fear Street by RL Stine...need to get all of these, too!

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Replies
    1. Kelly...I KNEW you would appreciate this post and completely get it! I almost sent you the link directly, but figured you'd see it on the FB timeline regardless :)

    2. They have plenty of them at the library! I miss you!!!

  2. I also really enjoyed the Babysitters Club growing up. I only read about eight of them though. There were a lot!

    1. Hi Erin...there definitely were a lot. I think I stopped reading them when they got into the Baby-Sitters on Vacation installations. Maybe I'll go back and read them all one day. Thanks for stopping by :)


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