Writer's Workshop: Worst Gift

Worst Gift...EVER!
Sadly, the worst gift I ever received during the holidays is easy to remember.  I think I was in high school and we were at my grandparent's house (my dad's father and his third...or fourth...wife).  Now, my step-grandmother has never been the best at gifting, and her "real" grandkids we never subjected to her delightful gifts the way we were.  But this one took the cake. 

Upon opening the box, wrapped in Sunday comics, I discovered the following:
  • Pens and pencils (I didn't mind that)
  • Men's cologne from the Dollar Tree.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, a man...
  • A box of assorted safety pins...yeah
  • Other various small items
Safety pins!  Men's cologne!  What?!?  I think everyone was slightly horrified.  Even my brother was like "what the f*@%".  How do you even respond to that?  Naturally, I thanked them for the gift but I will never forget that...

She's also given me underwear...but that's an entirely different (and infinitely more traumatizing) story.

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  1. hey, at least you can pin together your new underwear if you get a tear!

    1. Pahahahaha...I never thought of that, Tammy! Genius. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Wow, you're right, that is the worst gift ever! At least you got some pens and pencils out of it. (I love pens!)

  3. I'm still shaking my head....so random! It was like she ran to Walgreen's for presents at the last second.

  4. Oh man, safety pins. That takes the cake,

  5. I mean...safety pins. How many times have I been asked for one of those!!


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