Texas Trash

Sometimes you just need a romance novel to lose your mind in.  Thank you Diana Palmer for providing me with something mindless and fun to read in Nora.  Of course, as nearly all romance novels do, Nora follows a pretty predictable pattern:  boy meets girl, girl hates boy, boy sets out to get girl, boy gets girl, boy and girl fight, boy and girl make up and live happily ever after.  It's pure romance gold! 

Nora follows Eleanor "Nora" Marlowe out West from her comfortable, sophisticated, SNOBBY home in Virginia and chronicles her time spent in Tyler Junction, Texas.  Here she meets Cal Barton, who might not be exactly what he seems, and quickly falls in love with his rugged persona.  There are ups and downs, social constraints, personal heartaches, legal deals gone bad, secrets kept and told, and so much more.

You really don't have to stretch your imagination far in these novels and that's exactly why I pick them up.  After spending years reading "college" literature, and continually gravitating toward it, I do like to relax every now and then with a smutty romance novel.  Preferrably historical (because I'm a nerd like that).  Preferrably set in Europe.  Though I don't turn my nose up at those set in the States either...just as long as they're set in the past...the distant past.  I also like these books because they are a super quick read (normally less than a day) and, sometimes, you need that quick escape. 


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