Why I Love...Paperback Books

With the new development of gadgets that allow you to access books with the simple touch of a button, the entire way that we read has shifted.  We now have the ability to carry around thousands of books in one single device.  While I like the convenience of this trend, I just can't jump on board.  For that reason, this edition of "Why I Love" is dedicated to the paperback book, otherwise known as my favorite book form/format.

I am probably one of the few "literary-driven" people left who does not own an e-reader of any kind.  My sister (who doesn't read nearly as much as I do) got one for Christmas and, while I did enjoy playing around on it, I was so much more excited to receive an actual book.  One that I could grasp, physically flip through, and smell.  These are all traits that I cherish when I think about books or reading.

I like to hold onto books (I carry one with me at all times and normally read multiple books at a time) and feel the weight they give to whatever bag I'm carrying.  Of course this is probably not the greatest thing for my back or shoulders, but I always find that something comes up when I need to fill a little down-time during my day.  I've been known to read in my car while waiting at the train tracks.  While I could do this with an e-reader, it just wouldn't be the same because I'd have to power it up and all that jazz.  Not something I would look forward to.

This same notion of having to access power qualifies yet another reason I prefer paperbacks over e-readers.  I actually do a bit of traveling and, unlike those who bring e-readers to occupy their time on an airplane, I don't have to power my paperback down.  I can continue reading and immersing myself in another world as the plane takes off and lands.  Though there is a downside to this, I admit.  Because I'm a quick reader, I have to bring more than one book on any trip I take which adds to the weight of my luggage (if I check it).  But I don't find that to be too much of a burden, honestly.

Also, I find that, because my job requires so much work staring at a screen and researching on the internet, I don't like to spend my free reading time staring at yet another screen.  I do like the fact that there isn't a glare on the e-readers, but I would rather look at a dull page in a physical book and leave electronics behind for a little bit.

I think the main reason that I enjoy a physical book so much is due to the fact that I absolutely love the smell of them.  The paper, the ink, the glue...all offer a sense of comfort and nostalgia that remind me of wonderful times when I escaped this world and lived vicariously through the characters on the pages.  I remember a time when my dear friend Sandy, who I've been friends with for nearly twenty years, told me, jokingly, to go spend time with my "real" friends (those pesky characters).  It's still something we refer to every now and then and laugh about because she has become a more avid reader as we've aged.  

These are all reasons that add to my love of paperback books.  Plus, I really enjoy breaking the spine :) 

I managed to make a nest out of Michelle's bedding and such one day in Edinburgh...note the paperback!


  1. I totally love paperbacks for the reasons that you gave. It is especially annoying to have to power down on a plane. I also have an ereader or two :) but it works for me as well. Though ereaders are flexible and convenient, paperbacks are definitely my first choice.


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