Breaking the Rules of the Match

I loved, Loved, LOVED this book!  Ally Condie's Matched, the first in a trilogy, was absolutely phenomenal.  I can not recommend it more.  A young adult installation, Matched is set in a futuristic society where, basically, your entire life is mapped out for you by government officials, the Society.  There is no free choice or free will.  You dress alike.  You live alike.  Your career choice is made for you.  You stay the course to keep in the good graces of the leaders.

The story starts with Cassia Reyes on the day of her seventeenth birthday.  At the age of seventeen, all children, unless otherwise chosen, are "matched" with their ideal life-partner.  The government bases the choice on what will produce the strongest offspring.  At her matching ceremony she is surprised to find out that she already knows the person she's been matched with; an unlikely occurrence.  When she finally views her match card a few days later, something strange occurs and another face she knows is presented to her.  Thus follows Cassia's struggle with her trust of the Society she has always believed in and who her real match should be...the one announced at the Matching Ceremony or the second person who appeared on her screen.  Throughout the story Cassia is constantly questioning which one she feels more for and the government is becoming more and more a part of her ways that are abnormal for the citizens of Oria.  As the story comes to a close there is massive upheaval in Cassia's life as well as the lives of the entire community.  People are displaced and a darkness hangs in the air.

Needless to say, I can't wait to read the second book in the series, Crossed.


  1. Oh I'm so glad you loved it. I haven't read it yet. I've reserved it at my elibrary but I think I'll wait till it is almost time for the third book to come out.


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