Compromising in the Highlands

Ah...another easy smut novel to breeze through.  Jude Deveraux's Highland Velvet was one of my 50 cent finds at the Friends of the Library book sale and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  One reason being that it was quick to get through (as all romance novels are) and another reason was because it was set in Scotland...I LOVE SCOTLAND!

Velvet follows the arranged marriage (or marriage for services rendered to the king) of Stephen Montgomery, a British aristocrat, and Bronwyn MacArran, a Scottish clan leader.  Of course these two don't see eye to eye at all.  For one thing, Stephen is convinced, before meeting Bronwyn, that she is absolutely hideous and Bronwyn is a very strong, independent woman who is used to being a leader of men.  These two butt heads from the very beginning and continue to argue despite the fact that they are falling deeply in love (obviously).  There are trials and tribulations added to their constant bickering, but this forced the two to rely on each other more than they thought possible.  And, of course, it ends happily ever after...if you think living in the 1500s gives you an ever after ;)

I've been reading more and more of Deveraux's books lately and, for the most part, have really enjoyed them.  I'm finally branching out from my Nora Roberts obsession!  Good deal!  Another plus in this area...this book is part of a series (though you don't have to read them in order) that follows the four Montgomery brothers on their journey to love.


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