Teaser Tuesday...Conversations with Steven Tyler

I've finally picked up another book that will work for my A-Z Reading Challenge (the never ending reading challenge), Steven Tyler's Does The Noise in my Head Bother You?:  A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir.  This book has been in my closet for several months; it's one I picked up for next to nothing during the sad days of our local Borders liquidation.  So I figured that I would finally start it (fitting seeing as how he's the main guest on Ellen today...and AI will be starting tonight, I think) and offer up a teaser since it's Tuesday :)

"I love going out on that stage.  You come out of your dressing room, head down that gray cinder-block corridor with bodyguards and road manager flanking you, up a ramp, onto the stage, and there you are--twenty-five thousand Blue Army Aerosmith faithful out there waiting for you to light the fuse.  It's a high that I'm not sure ever goes away" (153).

What a ROCK GOD!


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