Peculiar Children = Peculiar Story

I know I finished Ransom Riggs' Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children quite a while ago, but I just haven't had the time (or inclination) to write a review, or any review for that matter.  So, instead of grading the ever growing pile of essays on my desk, I figured I'd at least get one review, this one, out of the way!

Peregrine follows the adventures of Jacob and his search into his grandfather's past.  After the untimely death (murder?!) of his grandfather, Jacob sets off to discover who his grandfather really was.  This leads him to a small island off the coast of Great Britain.  While there, he discovers that the orphanage his grandfather lived in during the war had been partially destroyed in 1943.  However, he soon stumbles upon a vortex of sorts that takes him back to the island during WWII and the home his grandfather resided in with other "displaced" children.  This vortex allows Jacob, and those he encounters, to inhabit both the present and the past.  Unfortunately there are a select few who wish to wreak havoc for those who live in the vortex.  Jacob has, unwittingly, led those creatures right to the vortex and this causes catastrophic damage for the children of the past.  Through all of this, Jacob discovers who his grandfather really was and some pretty interesting things about himself, too.

This was a combination of Percy Jackson meets time travel meets sci-fi meets historical fiction meets photography fiction.  It's a big mash-up that, sadly, falls short of its goal.  While I did find it entertaining at times, I felt that it was trying too hard to be something bigger than it was and trying to accomplish something that others have done better; WG Sebald's Austerlitz comes to mind in terms of history/photographic fiction.  The photographs, though a nice touch, were almost distracting in a way.  Also, I found that Jacob's dialogue was incompatible to his age.  At the beginning it was very lofty, but it deteriorated the further the book progressed.  It was strange.  Rigg's did leave the ending open for a sequel...we'll see if it happens.


  1. This doesn't really seem like the book for me. Dialogue that seems misplaced, unrealistic, or just plain bad, bugs me. Great review.

    1. I know what you mean, Alexis. It wasn't atrocious...and, honestly, if he comes out with a sequel I'll probably read it ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Lynn...I won't lie, some parts of it did really draw me in. I guess it was just a stylistic problem I had with it :)


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