Teaser Tuesday...Repetitive Boyfriends

I'm halfway through with the dreaded week of finals; I still have a stack of final essays to grade and one department grading session to complete this week before I can sign off for a much needed week long break, but it's finally starting to wind down.  Added to the chaos that is final's week, the Euro Cup started a few days ago and I have watched every game (even if I had to DVR it and watch it later).  Naturally this takes time away from grading essays (whoops) and posting reviews.  However, this is a necessary evil because I LOVE the Euro Cup and football/soccer in general, as I stated in a previous post

But that's beside the point.  It's Tuesday and that means one thing: teaser time!  I've picked up a quick read because I'm behind on my GoodReads 2012 Challenge quota and I'm trying desperately to get caught back up.  So today's teaser comes from Nora Roberts' The Last Boyfriend.  It's the second in the Inn BoonsBoro series and just came out. 

"He did his best to keep it light, but something had shifted between them with her words.  And he understood she felt it, too" (311).

Ah man, I love Nora...even though she's predictable and formulaic.  What a nice way to end final's week!  And here's to my team in the Cup...DEUTSCHLAND!!!!! 


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