Bout of Books 10...Day 1

Today is the first day in the Bout of Books 10 reading challenge and I'm ready to go!  I've decided that I'm going to do the following for the challenge:

1.  Continue working my way through A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin.  I am currently on page 699 of 978.  The series is just too good to step away from!  Totally doable to finish this one.

2.  I am also going to continue plowing through Watership Down as it's the one on my nightstand and I always read a chapter or two before turning the light off at night.  I can't remember what page I'm on exactly, but I think it's around 223 of 391.

3.  On Saturday I hopped over to a local consignment/thrift store to donate some items...and buy some things, because that's how I roll.  Ended up walking away with three books for a buck:  two romances and a non-fiction World War II book...I'm eclectic.  Of those, I plan on reading The Stanislaski Brothers:  Mikhail and Alex.  It's technically two books in one and part of a series by Nora Roberts that I haven't read (#s 2 and 4).  These are always a quick read, so that's hopeful.  It's a total of 435 pages.

The breakdown:  882 pages. 

I may add another book or audio book depending on how these three go, but that's where I'm at as of now.  I also have to work sometime during my reading binge ;)

Happy Reading!


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