Dracula: A Review

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Title:  Dracula
Author:  Bram Stoker
Published:  1897
Publishing Company:  WW Norton & Company (1986 edition)
Page Count:  488

Summary via Goodreads
Jonathan Harker, incarcerated in a Transylvanian castle, has an alluring but terrifying dream of three women, eager to prey upon him. His host and jailer is none other than Count Dracula, or Nosferatu, the Un-Dead, controller of the wolves.

My Thoughts
A short and very vague summary, but this book (the 1986 edition especially) has so much to offer the reader.  Nearly everyone knows the base story of Dracula, but what is discovered when finally reading the book is the strength (to a certain extent) of the female characters, especially Mina, the madness of Seward, the hell-bent determination of Van Helsing and Jonathan, the humor of Quincey, and so much more.  And, of course, the fear that Count Dracula inspires in everyone.  There is mystery, horror, and seduction woven throughout the text.  The chase is substantial from page one, and it is thrilling.  However, upon reaching the final stages of the chase, I have to say that it feels like Stoker rushed the ending.  It felt abrupt and unsatisfying compared to the first 3/4 of the novel.  Despite this, it's a well-done horror/gothic novel that everyone should read at least once.

Four stars.  Had the ending been more satisfying, this would have received higher rating from me.  The elements are all there, but it left me wanting more.

Happy reading!


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