Story Starters: The Scoop

 “Don’t you trust me?
“Smart man.”
Peter quickly cleared his throat.  Sitting would be a disadvantage in this situation.  Instead he shuffled around the chair, placing his hands on the back, before returning his gaze to Jenny.  She stood across from him, coolly watching his every move.
“I’ve been thinking, Peter,” she started, examining her nails.  “When you brought your story to me, I’ll admit that I was intrigued.  Nobody accuses the Grahams of embezzlement and extortion.  Nobody.”  Jenny eased herself down into the chair behind the desk facing Peter, smoothly crossing her legs.  “This is a serious accusation and I don’t know if I’m prepared to give you free reign for the kind of investigating it would require.”
“It’s my scoop, Jenny.  I’m not backing off.”
Jenny chuckled.  “Oh, of course not.  Who said anything about backing off?”
Confusion entered Peter’s eyes.  What was Jenny playing at?  “So, I can do the story?”
“Yes,” she said.  “But don’t come to me when shit hits the fan.  And it will.  You’re on your own, Peter.  I can’t put my neck out for you and I can’t protect you.  This is on your shoulders.  Are you prepared for that?”
She nodded her head.  “Then it’s all yours.”
Releasing his grip on the back of the chair, Peter turned to go.  Jenny pulled open the top drawer of the desk and grasped the pistol firmly.  “Hey, Peter?”
“Yeah?” he said, turning back toward her.
“Did I ever tell you who my grandmother was?”
“No, why?”
Jenny leveled the pistol at Peter. “Judy Graham,” she said.  And fired.
Story Starters is a weekly meme hosted by Jenn @ A Daily Rhythm.  Every week, she will provide the beginning of the story (which I have highlighted) and it's your job to finish it.  Feel free to join in!


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