Beyond the Books: Tattoos

This week's topic is:  Tattoos.  Do you have them?  Why or why not?  Talk about one.

I actually got my first tattoo this year...and immediately followed it up with another!  It's true what they say: tattoos are addictive.  It took me a long time to finally get a tattoo because I was indecisive.  I had ideas of what I wanted, but was never totally certain on placement/exact image/etc.  I was also worried that it would be more painful than I wanted it to be.  It took my fiancé making me schedule an appointment to force my decision.  And I'm glad he did because it wasn't painful (really) and now I am on the path to possibly doing a full sleeve!  YIKES! 

My first tattoo is totally FOR ME.  I specifically turned it upside down to face me (not the correct placement for tattoos) because I wanted to look at it.  It's not for anyone else's pleasure but my own.  It speaks to my nerdy-ness and my love for Harry Potter and the German language.  
The Deathly Hallows (obviously) with the house colors and "always" in German. Super fresh tattoo.

My second tattoo is, again, for me, but I did position it in the correct way (facing the viewer) and is of a Scottish thistle.  I lived in Scotland while I was working on my Master's degree and completely fell in love with the country, the people, the culture, and all that goes with it.  This commemorates my time spent there and the memories I made.
A Scottish thistle (more traditional style than the one above).
Next on the block...a portion of Gustav Klimt's Life and Death.  This one represents the following:  my love for Klimt and his work (my favorite artist), my love for Austria (I taught English for a year just outside of Vienna), my love for the German language (again), and my love for things that are kind of macabre and dark.  It's a much larger tattoo than the others I have, so that makes me a little nervous.  But it's going to be so awesome!
I plan on getting the death side of the painting on my forearm.
In general, I am of the firm belief that people should do whatever they want with their bodies.  If they want to tattoo their face, let them!  If they want fake boobs or a nose job, go for it!  Shave your entire head except your bangs?  Whatever floats your boat!  Gender re-assignment?  You do you!  Nobody should be able to tell you or have the right to tell you how to adorn your body to make yourself happy or to make yourself comfortable. 

What are you thoughts on tattoos?

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  1. Amen, girl! I totally agree. Tattoos are awesome! I need to get the guts to just do it.

    1. Yes, you do! I'll hold your hand :) I promise that Kevin is super nice and it goes by so much quicker than you expect.

  2. I have several. I can't afford to get any more. (sigh)

    1. That's what I'm waiting on as well...

  3. Okay, first of all I am sorry for being so late to comment here. I was out of town last week and have needed some time to recover.
    I LOVE your tattoos. I think placing it so that you can see it is perfectly fine. You are the one who has to see it the most. I have a tattoo that sticks out of my shirt, on my inner upper arm, and people are always asking to see it and read it. They don't get it though. That tattoo is for me. I love the German influence on your tats, I have German heritage as well, but no tats about it....yet.
    I love the death side of that painting, I am sure it is going to look awesome.
    Thanks for playing along this week!

    1. No worries, Karen! And thanks :) Some have thought my thistle is an artichoke...haha. But I feel that tattoos are for the tattoo-ee, not the viewers. I love the font of the one on the back of your neck!!


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