Teaser Tuesdays

Teaser Tuesday:  Library of Souls

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Jenn @ A Daily Rhythm. Here are the rules: grab whatever you're reading, open to a random page, select no more than two sentence (NO SPOILERS), share the title and author, and GO!

Here's today's teaser:
"I stopped to gape at them, stunned to realize they weren't lampposts at all but desiccated heads impaled on long spikes.  They were horrible, skin drawn and gray, tongues lolling--and yet, despite not being attached to throats, three of the heads had spoken to us." --page 137
          Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

It was a little slow going getting into this final installation of the Miss Peregrine series, but it has definitely picked up.

Happy reading!


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