A is for...Arr' Place

Join me for the month of April as I participate in the A-Z Blogging Challenge and share some (I couldn't share all) of my favorite noshing joints in western Oregon.  Hopefully you'll leave the blog a little hungrier than when you arrived...or at least with a new culinary destination on your travel list!
Arr' Place

Tucked away on a quiet side street in Newport, Oregon, a small town on the central Oregon coast, is this culinary wonder.  Housed in an unassuming cottage and run by a three person team (Aymee, Robert, and Rebeka), most would pass right by and never know the delights within.  However, if you find yourself with the opportunity to step inside, I highly recommend it!  What will you find?  Local, fresh, and seasonal foods including water delights caught that morning. 

My first visit to this location was on a complete fluke, but I was absolutely sold.  That trip found me diving in to a fresh tuna steak in a light wasabi-teriyaki glaze and encrusted jasmine rice placed ever so gently on grilled asparagus.  DROOL!  Honestly, you can't go wrong with a single option on their menu.   
If you're enticed, you can check out the entire menu here.

Honorable Mentions
Ankeny Vineyard...for the wood-fired pizza alone

What are some of your favorite A eating establishments?

Come back tomorrow for the next installation in the A-Z Blogging Challenge and my jaunt through the culinary delights of western Oregon!

Happy blogging, fellow A-Zers :)


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