I Like My Coffee Black (Book #19)

Book number 19 in my ever-occurring, never-ending A-Z Reading Challenge is Alexander McCall Smith's Espresso Tales.  This is the second book in the 44 Scotland Street series and I have to say, though enjoyable, I didn't like it as much as the first in the series.

Espresso finds us back on Scotland Street with all of the previous characters, plus a few that are featured more prominently than in the previous book.  Most of the characters are still who they were in the first book, though some of them have had a few mishaps and setbacks.  Bruce is just as egotistical as ever, but there were instances in this book that knocked him down a peg or four.  I liked that fact (perhaps that's mean of me).  Pat is finally making a decision about her future and starting to voice her opinions and ideas to those she's surrounded by (Bruce mainly).  She also meets someone...kind of.  Domenica is still the voice of intuition and stories that prevails over the entire story.  Bertie is a year older and going to a primary school that he isn't thrilled about in the beginning.  Irene is still cuh-razy, but she does have a little development toward the end of the novel.  Cue Stewart, Irene's husband, who manages to finally stand up to his overbearing wife and assert some authority.  Bravo!  Matthew, Pat's boss, must come to terms with the actions of his father and embrace the fact that he might be good at owning a gallery.  Then we have the Dunbarton's.  They're incredibly boring.  That's all.  While I did like this installation, I'm looking forward to reading the next one. 

Take me back to the bagpipe filled streets, please!!


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