Top Ten Book Villains of 2011

Now this is probably the easiest post in this week long event.  Counting down my top ten villains is a piece of cake!  In descending order:

10.  Solomon from Red Riding Hood.  He's pious and such a hypocrite.  I hated him from the moment he appeared in the book.

9.  Precious Jones's Father, and Mother for that matter, from Push.  Truly atrocious people.  I think allowing your husband to perform such acts, or turning a blind eye to the situation, is equally as punishable as the acts themselves.  Despicable.

8.  Kronos and the Titans from Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian.  Gods bent on destroying the World...those definitely count as villains in my book.

7.  Lestat from Interview with the Vampire.  He's a selfish non-living being.  Very selfish. 

6.  The entire town of Martirio, Texas from Vernon God Little.  Jumping to conclusions and accusing innocent children of crimes they had nothing to do with is pretty villainous.  Yes?

5.  Ruth from Never Let Me Go.  She could give lessons in egotism.  She's self-centered, narcissistic, and mean.  I couldn't even forgive her despite the fate she was destined to.

4.  The Mogadorian leader from The Power of Six.  He just seems like an ueber-villain!  Having already destroyed Lorien, he's now on a warpath to destroy Earth. 

3.  Irene Pollock from the 44 Scotland Street series.  Irene is so blind to the needs of her son.  She's intent on making his life miserable, though she doesn't see it that way.

2.  President Snow from The Hunger Games.  What a heartless leader!  How can someone in power subject innocent children to such measures?  Wow!

1.  Miss Hilly Holbrook from The Help.  She definitely takes my number one spot for evil villains.  She's a piece of work and I was so ecstatic when she ate that pie! 


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