Teaser Tuesday...Fifty Shades of a Little More Whoa!

So last week I posted a teaser for E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey and I quickly plowed through that book.  I'm nearly 300 pages into the second one, but here's a teaser anyway!

"He smirks.  He's trying to put me off my game, the bastard.  He pulls his cream sweater over his head, tosses it onto the back of a chair, and grins at me, as he saunters over to take his first shot" (238).

Hot damn...that's probably the sexiest game of pool I've ever read.  I'd play a game of pool with this guy!  Happy Tuesday everyone :)


  1. Well, you must be enjoying it... that's some fast reading!

    1. I am enjoying it for the most part. There are some aspects about it that get under my skin. Those will come out in the review ;)


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