Teaser Tuesday...Fifty Shades of Whoa!

Needless to say, I have been a big time slacker in posting my reviews and whatnot.  I have three books that I've finished and need to write reviews for and I'm about finished with another book.  It's that time of the term (damn you midterms and essays that have to be graded in a "timely" manner), and it's been a busy one.  However, despite those necessary distractions, I've still been able to keep up on my reading.  Because of that, I give you today's teaser from E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey:

"'Ana, there's something about him.'  Her tone is full of warning.  'He's gorgeous, I agree, but I think he's dangerous.  Especially for someone like you.'
'What do you mean, someone like me?' I demand, affronted.
'An innocent like you, Ana.  You know what I mean,' she says a little irritated.  I flush" (39).

Oh man oh man, I've been hearing a lot about this book.  A lot of racy stuff and a lot of good stuff!  In fact, one of my dearest friends, who has never been a huge reader, called me last week and asked if I had read it yet...then proceeded to DEMAND that I read it immediately so she could talk to someone closer to her age about it (her co-worker is in her 40s and is the only other person who's read it in her circle).  I've got about fifty pages left of the book I'm working on and then it's time to dive in to another trilogy.  Happy Tuesday everyone :)


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