Why I Love...the Anti-Hero

Today's topic for Why I Love Wednesday is Favorite Heroes...well, I'm taking this in a different way and declaring my love for the Anti-Hero.  Anti-Heroes are generally the underdog of the story or the "hero-in-hiding" and seeing them triumph in one way or another is always one of my favorite aspects in a story.  So, here's to the Anti-Heroes!

My most loved anti-hero is, hands down, Severus Snape.  Many would argue that he is not worthy of being considered a hero, but I would beg to differ...heatedly.  He's loyal to a fault and completely constant in his treatment toward others.  These aspects alone garner him hero status in my book.  But if someone needs more convicing, simply look at how he sacrifices himself on countless occassions: with Draco, with Harry, with Dumbledore, and, ultimately, with his own life.  Here's your medal, Professor!
Another hero who falls under the anti status would be Death from The Book Thief.  Death being considered a hero?  Huh?!  That's right people.  Death's role in this book is, fittingly, to bear souls to the next realm.  But what makes him a hero is the way in which he does that.  He's a champion of order and progression, a direct reverse to the action of the story and its WWII setting.  He's caring and concerned.  Ultimately, Death is the gentlest "soul" in the entire story.
Two other heroes in my world would be Minny and Aibileen from The Help.  While they may be a more typical hero, they are subtle about their triumph and that makes it even more gorgeous.  In addition, their triumph comes at a significant price.  Beautiful.
Whatever way you define the term hero, there are always deviations from the rule.  These are a few of my takes on what it means to be a hero.  It's a fitting topic for my week, that's for sure.  Enjoy this Wednesday everyone :-)


  1. Snape absolutely is a hero! It just took seven movies (6 books) for people to figure it out!! I love him!!

  2. Welcome to the Why I Love Wednesday meme!!!! I loved the Help and I love that you picked them. They are heroes for standing up and telling their stories. Love your post!!

    1. Thanks, Alysia! I've actually been participating for a while but, for some reason, have never done the linky. Tragic! Now I'll remember to use that portion :)

  3. I definitely think that Snape is a hero! He gave up everything for the love of woman that she couldn't return the love and he was hated, but he was ultimately good. :)

  4. I completely agree about Snape. He's my favorite "villain" because I think he is so misunderstood. And I so agree with you about Death from The Book Thief. I love that book :)


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