J is for...Jacksonville

I'm getting a late start on my post for today...stinkin' work getting in the way of blogging :)  Today's letter of designation is J and we're heading down to Southern Oregon to explore


Jacksonville, Oregon is located just north of the California border about five minutes from Medford, Oregon.  Founded in 1851, the town was settled when gold deposits were discovered in the surrounding area.  People soon flocked to the area and the community quickly developed.  The downtown district of Jacksonville has been declared a US National Landmark and most buildings have been preserved or restored to reflect their original appearance from the mining days.  Jacksonville was also the first place that a designated Chinatown was developed in Oregon.  This was discovered in 2004 when roadwork was being down.  With the discovery, the road maintenance was halted and an excavation crew was brought in to recover the many artifacts which included, bowls, bottles, coins, and opium paraphernalia.  

When the railroad system was built, bypassing the town, and the deposits ran dry, the town began to struggle causing many to leave.  This lead to the preservation of nearly 100 historic buildings, most of which can be toured today.  In addition, many of the buildings in downtown Jacksonville have been turned into various stores and boutiques, each retaining its unique integrity, for tourists and locals alike.  And the cemetery is an interesting look into the history of the town, complete with stories about Indian raids and notable Jacksonville figures from history.
Nunan House

During the summer months, droves of people descend on the town for the annual Britt Festival; an outdoor music festival that happens regardless of weather.  The festival draws artists from every genre.  Some past notables include:  Bush, The Avett Brothers, Cyndi Lauper, the Steve Miller Band, Ziggy Marley, Amy Grant, Tegan and Sara, and many more.

Overall, Jacksonville is a fun little town to explore and shouldn't be missed if you're in the area.

Happy Thursday, fellow A-Zers :)
California Street, downtown Jacksonville


  1. Oregon is really a beautiful state!

    Good luck on the rest of the challenge - I'll be back to see where you take us next!

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    1. Hi, Lisa! Thanks for stopping by...and I completely agree :)

  2. The Nunan House is lovely. Thank you for sharing the photo with your words.

    1. Hi, Kate. You're welcome. Thanks for visiting!


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