M is for...Multnomah Falls

Maybe, given the tragedy in Boston this afternoon, my post should be about marathons, mankind, mourning, and magnanimity instead of waterfalls...

But...if you are looking for something to distract you from the events at the Boston Marathon for a tiny bit, read on...

Multnomah Falls

Located along the Columbia River Gorge Highway, Multnomah Falls is a must is you're in the area; it can also be reach via I-84.  Split into two major sections (the upper and the lower falls), it is the tallest waterfall in the state.  The upper falls is 542 feet and the lower falls is 69 feet, making the total waterfall 620 feet (with the gradation change).  It is also credited as being the second tallest year-round waterfall in the US, augmented by Larch Mountain's underground springs, snow melt, and rain.  There is a trail that visitors can take which leads to a 45-foot long bridge crossing the lower fall; this trail continues to the top of the upper fall and offers a gorgeous view of the Gorge and surrounding area.  To top it all off, grab a little something to eat at the Multnomah Falls Lodge.
View of Multnomah Falls from the bottom
Multnomah Falls Lodge
Multnomah Falls in the Winter
Until tomorrow, fellow A-Zers...


  1. I've driven by these falls twice in my life . . . once as a 12 year old and then again when my son was married in Portland, but never had the chance to stop. Maybe someday . . .

    1. I haven't been since I was little so I'm planning a trip this summer. Thanks for stopping by!


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