Z is for...Zis is Zee End

Well, fellow A-Zers, we've done it.  We've reached the end of the month long A-Z Blogging Challenge.  It's been fun; I had more fun utilizing a theme this year as opposed to last year when I had a free-for-all method.  I think I'll do this again next year!  Today's Oregon destination is, again, my creative fix.

Zis is Zee End:  Fort Clatsop

Located near the mouth of the Columbia River on the Oregon Coast, Fort Clatsop was the encampment from the Lewis and Clark Expedition from the Winter of 1805-06.
Taking just three weeks to build, the fort is now protected under the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical parks and is also known as the Fort Clatsop National Memorial.  Heavily damaged and decaying due to the weather in the area, in 1955 a reconstruction of the original fort, using sketches from William Clark's journal, was built to celebrate the sesquicentennial; this fort lasted for another 55 years before it was destroyed by fire in 2005 just weeks before the fort's bicentennial celebration.  In 2006, a new, more rustic and rough-hewn fort was built on the site by over 700 volunteers and a celebration was held in December of that year.

When Lewis and Clark left the area to return to St. Louis, they gave the fort to Chief Coboway, the leader of the Clatsop Indians.  The tribe used the fort for security purposes, but soon it became an important location for fur trading in the Pacific Northwest and was utilized by the Hudson Bay Company and the American Fur Company.

Today, the fort is used as an educational tool and preserved as part of Oregon's history.  It is open year-round, aside from December 25th, and is worth a visit.  There are live reenactments, ranger-led activities, exhibitions, and great walking trails.

Another fort that is perhaps my favorite is Fort Stevens.  If you like military history, it's pretty awesome :)  Check it out!
Thank you for sticking this out with me, fellow A-Zers!  It's been a blast.  Until next year :)


  1. It's been fun catching some of your posts. Congrats on finishing. Oregon looks like a beautiful place!

    And I'm all about forts - what boy isn't!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Nick! I've loved your A-Z Challenge theme and finding out about Acatour and his crazy adventure!!

  2. I have enjoyed your Oregon posts, very much! Congrats on finishing the challenge.

    I just nominated you for a Liebster blog award, over on my blog. I wanted other bloggers to know how much I enjoyed finding your blog during the A-Z challenge!


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