An Encounter with the Jersey Devil...Among Others

I just finished a Stephanie Plum between-the-number novel, Plum Spooky, and have to say that I enjoyed it for the quick read that it was.  I've read a few of the in between novels and have always been a little disappointed in them.  I think this stems from the fact that Morelli and Ranger are not prominently present.  Such a tragedy.  However, I did find this one entertaining, even without those two, and despite the fact that there was a certain amount of the paranormal/science fiction aspect to it.  Not too shabby.

The novel centers around Stephanie (obviously) and her rather inept attempts at capturing a high-bond skip:  Martin Munch.  There are a couple lesser skips that she runs down during this long search, Gordo Bollo is a rather comical one who enjoys throwing fruits at Stephanie to escape, but the majority of the time is spent trying to ferret out Munch.  Munch has fallen in with a scary guy, Wulf, who is busy eluding Diesel, a guy who randomly appears in Stephanie's apartment on occasion before disappearing just as quickly.  Diesel and Stephani, along with a rather entertaining monkey named Carl who likes to flip everyone the bird and is entrusted into Stephanie's care, work together to track Munch and Wulf down and get into many scrapes along the way.  Some of the highlights of these events are getting lost in the Barren Pines woods, falling into swamps, being in the cross hairs of a tomato fight, traveling with a guy who farts fire, being kidnapped and threatened about becoming a sex slave, and blowing up a mine.  It's an entertaining jaunt.

Ultimately, I did enjoy this between-the-numbers selection.  And even if I hadn't, it only cost me a dollar to purchase.  Thank you Dollar Tree!


  1. Plum Spooky, the newest book in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, was disappointing to me. Am I the only reader who is tired of the main character being so desirable to all the male characters? Heck, I thought the old guy and the monkey were going to hit on her too! Maybe that would have given the book more of a plot...anywoo, I'll just tell you to get this one from the library or borrow it from a friend who was duped into buying it. You would be PLUM dumb to spend YOUR money on this one!

  2. I checked the new one out from the library and you're right, it was the same old stuff. My review should be up in a day or two.


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