Why I Love...W.P.B.!

Well, hello Wednesday.  It's nice to see you again!  I'm getting a little bit of a late start on my "Why I Love" post this week because it's so hard to come up with one favorite book family, which is this week's topic.  Now, because I couldn't narrow it down enough to not include these three families, I simply ranked them in order!

The Weasleys

This should be a given for anyone who knows me (and for anyone who's read some of my past posts) because I always manage to weave in a little Harry Potter reference somewhere in my discussion.  However, this one is completely applicable.  Every single Weasley family member is so fully developed, even those who don't show up often.  The dynamics between the members are beautifully portrayed and each character is lovable in their own way (even Percy at times).  The Weasley family is one that makes the most of their situation, doesn't begrudge anyone who might have more in a monetary sense, and loves each other unconditionally.  It's such a wonderful display of family and all the intricacies that come with it.  They're amazing.

The Plums
Though not your typical lovey-dovey family, the Plums from the popular Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich is hilarious enough to land them among my favorites.  There's Stephanie, the divorced pseudo-bounty hunter, her mom, the full-fledged Italian peacemaker who cooks a mean roast and mashed potatoes, Stephanie's dad, a retired postman who uses his car as a taxi service and watches a lot of baseball, and Grandma Mazur, Stephanie's mom's mom who is crazy as all get out and brassy as hell.  I think she's my favorite.  The dynamics in this family are almost the complete opposite of the Weasleys.  They argue, fight, and bicker almost continuously, but the underlying love is apparent.  They're an entertaining bunch.

The Bennets
It's no surprise that Jane Austin's Bennets are counted among some of my favorite book families.  Although there are times when I dislike some of the members, as a whole I have to say that they are wonderful.  There is an undying love that is displayed between the children and the elder Bennets and this love is tried several times throughout the novel.  Despite the drawbacks and hurdles, the Bennets stay true to each other regardless of their circumstances.  What a lovely bunch (of coconuts).


  1. I love your list. It seems like the Weasely family is the top pick for everyone.

  2. Wonderful post. I agree!!!! I like that you chose three. It is hard to narrow it down because they are all so different but special in their own way.

  3. Thanks ladies! And I agree, the Weasley's are a popular choice, though I simply had to include the others as well.


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