A Shining Knight is Kind of Dim in my Opinion...(Book #18)

Finally knocked out another book in the A-Z challenge; it's been a while since I've selected a book that will work for the challenge.  I originally had a different novel chosen for the letter "K", but I decided to choose something that I knew I could get through quickly in an effort to finish up the challenge.  Thank you Jude Deveraux for providing me with such a choice in A Knight in Shining Armor (one of my 50 centers from the Friends of the Library sale).

Reading the synopsis of this novel really presented me with not much to go on.  I thought it was going to be a historical novel, but I was mistaken...kind of.  

Knight follows Dougless along her journey to love and self-acceptance in 1988.  She is on vacation in England with her significant other (a self-centered ass) and his spoiled brat of a daughter.  Trouble ensues and she's left to fend for herself without anything to her name.  Cue the entrance of Nicholas Stafford, an earl from the sixteenth century.  Yeah...the sixteenth century.  Both Dougless and Nicholas need something from the other, though neither of them truly discovers what that is until much later in the book.  And that's the premise of the novel.

Now, I tend to like historical romance novels.  However, I do not really enjoy historical romances with contemporary characters who travel through time and dimensions.  Especially when both characters do so more than once.  Deveraux, in the "Dear Reader" section (yes, I read those), explains that Knight is her favorite novel and lists several reasons why this is so.  That's great and all, but I have to disagree.  I was actually disappointed in this book.  Yeah, it was okay and it moved along (at times), however I did not like the end and I really didn't like the characters very much.  Dougless wasn't a character that I could feel for.  I was angry with her because of how weak she was and how she wasn't very self-sufficient.  Also, Nicholas wasn't the ideal leading man and I couldn't bring myself to believe their love.  To top it off, the end of the book was a let down...for me, at least.


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