I'd Rather Murder this Book on the Eiffel Tower than Read It Again

Claude Izner's Murder on the Eiffel Tower is TERRIBLE!!!  If you pass one book over during this holiday season, make sure it's this one.  Oh man.  So bad!

I borrowed this book from a friend last week and it sounded promising.  She said it was different, had an odd voice to it, and that she was waiting to make up her mind about it.  That should have been a sign.  Alas, I read the whole thing...and feel like I've lost a few braincells while doing so.

The novel follows a group of middle to high class individuals through Paris during the 1889 World Exposition Fair (the one where the Eiffel Tower was unveiled).  What follows is a case of whodunnit.  There is a murder...and then another...and another...and another...yet they are all chalked up to the work of killer bees by the police.  What?!  Unless you are a character from NBC's Grimm, this is simply not plausible.  Victor Legris, a bookseller, is present at the first murder and soon embarks on his own personal investigation when another body shows up.  He begins to suspect nearly everyone he comes into contact with; namely Kenji, his adoptive father for all intensive purposes, Tasha, an artist/reporter and Victor's love interest, Danilo, Tasha's opera singing neighbor, and a few others.  Eventually the reader does find out who the killer actually is and why they chose to murder the people that they did.

Sounds promising, right?  Not so.  None of the characters have any redeeming qualities.  Victor is a bumbling, jumpy idiot, Kenji is a stoic, reserved ass, Tasha is a flat character who offers nothing to the reader.  In fact, as a reader you almost dislike every single character; at least I did.  In addition to that, the entire storyline was jumbled and confusing.  Once the murderer is revealed, the knowledge doesn't make any sense.  I honestly didn't even remember who the person was when they was revealed.  Awful.  Supposedly this is the first in a series and, if that's true, shoot me now!

Please...don't waste your time.  Instead, watch Grimm on NBC Friday night's at 9pm.  It's awesome and, even more awesome, it's set in Portland!!!  Go Oregon!!!! (not the Ducks).


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