Teaser Tuesday...Traveling Back in Time (Kind Of...Sort Of)

Today's teaser is brought to you by the letter K!  I am still trying to get through my A-Z Book Challenge (I keep reading books starting with letters that I've already read), so I grabbed one that will count toward that specific challenge.  Though it wasn't the original intention for the letter, I felt like I was so far behind that I grabbed one I knew I could get through quickly.  So, because of that, this teaser comes from Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armor; it's one of my Friends of the Library purchases!

"As she hung up, Dougless realized she wasn't surprised by the coincidence.  It seemed that some kind of wish therapy was at work.  Every time she wished for something, she got it.  She wished for a Knight in Shining Armor and he had appeared (a crazy one who thought he was from the sixteenth century, but a man in armor no less); she wished for money and he had a bag of coins worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.  Now she needed reservations to an exclusive hotel and of course they had a vacancy." (60)

I don't normally go for the supernatural type of books, but this sounded interesting (the synopsis didn't mention anything about traveling through time).  It's been okay so far.  Just waiting for something really exciting to happen.  Happy Tuesday!


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