Dude, Looks Like a Crazy, Amazing Lady

Holy crazy pants!!!  I mean, you can tell that Steven Tyler is a crazy lyrical genius...or maybe just plum crazy...but his Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir really lays it out for you.  I really enjoyed this book for several reasons.  1) You get to see inside the dynamics of one of America's greatest rock bands, Aerosmith.  2) You get to see inside the twisted, drug-addled mind of Steven Tyler.  3) You get the inside scoop on the band's ups and downs.  4) It's freakin' entertaining as all get out! 

"In courting Joan Jett while on tour with her, I would strip bare naked, put on a robe, pull the chair from near the elevator all the way over to the end of the hall, pushing it to right in front of her door.  I'd then take my robe off and, sitting spread-eagled, ring the doorbell and wait for her to open it.  She'd open the door and her jaw would hit the floor as I said, 'I hate myself for loving you.'  She gave me that look that I really wanted to see and responded in her best Mae West velvety growl, 'I'm not into the big ten-inch, honey,' and slammed the door." (192)
Tyler holds nothing back in this memoir.  He is completely honest in his admissions; everything from drugs used and abused, women slept with and discarded, fights between band members and their significant others, how songs are conceptualized, and everything in between.  He's unapologetic and candid.  He's also a brilliant genius...with a twisted mind.  Sometimes he spouts absolute nonsense, yet it somehow works.  I would definitely recommend reading Tyler's book if you like Aerosmith.  For me, it further reinforced my love for the band. 


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