Why I Love...Book Challenges

The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.
-Dr. Seuss- 

Wednesday has rolled around a few times in the last couple weeks and, for some odd reason, I kept forgetting to blog a Why I Love...  post.  I've read those that Reflections of a Bookaholic and Mocha Girls Read have been posting, but by the time I got into a blogging mood it was Thursday...or later!  I couldn't believe it!  There were definitely a few topics that I had ideas about and wanted to post on, but my lack of focus wasn't having it.  However, today I am determined to get back in the swing of things (though I'll miss next week's for good reason...hello Mexico and a week long vacation).  So here goes...Book Challenges!

I have to admit that my track record with Book Challenges this past year was kind of abysmal.  I entered two...and barely finished one (after cheating by lowering my original goal).  Now don't get me wrong, I'm still determine to complete a reading challenge and I feel that this is my year!  One of the challenges I entered last year, the A-Z Reading Challenge hosted by The Thoughts of a Book Junky!, never had a completion date.  Because of that, I have not given up on it and I'm going to finish that little beast if it kills me!  I'm nearly there.

Now on to challenges for this year.  I have, again, entered the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge and am determined to stick with my original goal of 100 books.  I made it to just past half that last year...pathetic!  So far I'm on track for completion by the end of the year.  If I can continue to bust out seven to eight books a month, I'll be able to tackle the challenge completely.

Other than finishing up the A-Z Challenge and continuing to dominate the Goodreads challenge, I haven't come across another that I feel an absolute urge to participate in.  Added to that is the hectic schedule that comes along with being close to midway through the academic term and having massive amounts of grading to do.  Maybe I'll pick another one up this summer :)  Until then, happy reading and personal challenges to everyone!


  1. I think it is cool that you are sticking out the A-Z challenge. That sounds like a tough challenge. I love the Goodreads challenge. Goodluck on reading a 100 books!

  2. Thanks Alexis! I thought the A-Z challenge would be easy...26 books. But it's much more difficult to stick with picking up a book that follows the rules of the challenge and that starts with a letter I haven't read. I also love the Goodreads challenge! Happy reading!


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