Mistaken Identities

Jude Deveraux's The Heiress was a pleasant, easy read.  The book is one of the many in the Montgomery series, of which I am rather enjoying.  It's nice because this series does not need to be read in order (though it would probably help to do so in order to see the timeline), which is a wonderful thing seeing as how there are quite a few in it. 

Heiress follows the story of Jamie Montgomery, an impoverished knight, and Axia, an extremely wealthy heiress.  Jamie is taxed with escorting Axia to her newly arranged husband, a mission that will supply him with a nice nest egg to help his two sisters as well as himself.  Of course he would be even more well off if he could get Axia to fall in love and marry him, thus inheriting her entire fortune.  His sisters further spur the mission toward this outcome.  Unbeknownst to Jamie, Axia and her cousin Frances, her only companion aside from Tode the jester, have decided to pretend to be each other and trick Jamie along the way.  With this case of mistaken identity, of course unforeseen problems erupt during their journey.  Secrets are revealed, people are ousted, rash decisions are made, and a growing love is developed. 

I was pleasantly surprised by The Heiress.  I genuinely liked all of the characters, even Frances...at the end.  That always says something about a book to me.  If you liked the characters, then it ranks as a good book.  I believed each of them and wanted them to succeed in each of their endeavors.  Well done Deveraux.   


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