Poetry Is Awesome

"Poetry is the kind of thing poets write."
~Robert Frost~
Another great meme has been brought to my attention recently and I think it's fitting that I should participate.  This meme, Poetry Fridays, was started by The Thoughts of a Book Junky, a great blog that I've been following for about a year now.  The premise of the meme is pretty much how it sounds.  Every Friday those participating would post a poem that they particularly enjoy in order to expose people to poetry they might not generally encounter.  I love this for several reasons.  One, for the past two Winter terms I have had the pleasure of teaching Introduction to Poetry, where I am able to expose students to poets and poetry that they have never encountered before; some students having never encountered poetry at all.  Two, I happen to really enjoy poetry.  And three, I like that I can include poetry through this medium that isn't necessarily applicable to the introductory level classroom.  Not only that, but this meme will, again, add variety to my blog and force me to be even more consistent (which I've severely slacked on the past month...or more).  I also plan to take this one step further.  Instead of just posting a poem that I like, I will offer a brief biography of the poet and my reasons for choosing said poem...because I'm a geek like that.  So look forward to seeing some new things hitting the page on Fridays.  Here's to a good week!


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