Teaser Tuesday...Chelsea Handler is a Big Liar!

So I've had Chelsea's Family, Friends, and other Victims Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me since it came out months and months ago.  It's been sitting in a pile of books next to my mirror...because I'm lacking enough bookshelf space.  Does that say something about me?  Ha.  Anyway, I am finally picking it up to read it!  Joyous occassion indeed!  Without further ado...today's teaser:

"You see, Chelsea has tricked the world into believing that she is technologically retarded, but that's a lie.  What I and several other victims have discovered is that she likes to sneak into people's work spaces, get on their computer without their knowledge, and wreak havoc" (Eva Magdalenski 197).

I've loved everything written by Handler.  She's hilarious, rude, and absolutely obnoxious.  I can't wait to find out the different antics she's pulled on those closest to her.  Happy reading!


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