Which to Choose?

Jude Deveraux's TheDuchess, yet another in the Montgomery series (which I will completely knock out one of these days) was a pretty decent read.  While I didn't quite enjoy it as much as some of the others, I did like the fact that it was a quick read with characters that I believed.

Duchess tells the story of Claire Willoughby and her journey to finding a "suitable" husband, as declared by her grandfather.  Claire finds Harry Montgomery, the Duke of MacArran, and a seemingly perfect fit for her grandfather's stipulations.  The engagement is announced and Claire and her family move into the historic castle of her intended.  While there, some interesting things occur.  Claire is thrust into the mix of an extremely eccentric bunch of people, all of whom inhabit the castle.  A mysterious man, Trevelyan, appears in the countryside who draws Claire like a magnate.  Harry starts to show some of his true colors.  People's feelings and true circumstances are revealed.  It's a journey toward self-discovery, uncovering family secrets, and following your heart.
While not my favorite Deveraux, or Montgomery, novel, The Duchess was a good read overall.  The choice that Claire must come to would be very difficult for someone who must follow the rules of society and her family when they oppose what her heart wants.


  1. You know, I haven't read a Jude Duveraux novel in some time. I remember thinking that they were becoming predictable. But recently, I've wondered if I stopped too soon. Maybe I'll give another one a try.


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