Putting Hellmann's to the Test

I have been a product reviewer for about a year with Influenster and have been able to offer my opinions on a variety of things.  This time around, I was sent the newly designed Hellmann's Mayonnaise to test out.  While I am not the hugest fan of mayo in general, I find the new packaging to offer many positive attributes!

First, the shape of the bottle allows for the mayo to settle near the opening, unlike traditional containers.  In addition, the improved plastic spout allows for better stabilization of the bottle.  It's great because it has less of a tendency to fall over in the fridge than the old design with the smaller top.  Genius! 

I did put mayo on my sandwich this time around, but it's just not one of my favorite condiments in general.  I'm a mustard girl.  Regardless, the product tastes great and the bottle design is pretty awesome.  I definitely recommend purchasing this newly improved packaging for your mayo needs :)

If you're interested in becoming a product reviewer, please let me know and I can get an invite sent out to you! 

Happy sandwich making!


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