Going Rogue with Sarah Palin

Though I'm not a big fan of Sarah Palin, or her politics, I was mildly surprised and, at times, impressed with her book Going Rogue:  An American Life.  She does have a lot of good things to say about big government, the hands-off approach to governing, energy research, environmental issues, and life in general.  Though at times a bit preachy for my tastes (I disagree with some of her fundamental principles), but overall she explains herself well...golly's and all.

It's hard to determine how truthful she is being in regards to everything she discusses.  I was impressed with a lot of what she's done for Alaska through her policies and certain laws.  I think the part that I was most leary about was her recollection of the presidential campaign and how she was treated by "Headquarters."    According to Palin, she was pretty much given a gag-order...keep your mouth shut and we'll feed you your lines.  I can see this being true.  I mean, she looked like a moron in a lot of her interviews (Katie Couric anyone?).  This, in Palin's words, was completely done through editing on Couric's part (again, I choose to believe this to be true).  I want to believe her, I really do.

All in all, Going Rogue wasn't a bad read.  Minus the preachy parts (abortion and sex education mainly), she's engaging, witty, and seemingly down to earth.  Whoda thunk it?!


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