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Once again, this blog I follow has brought forth another great idea.  I've decided that, in addition to my book reviews, I'm going to participate (you can too!) in her "Why I Love...Wednesdays" (I'm also going to do her "Teaser Tuesday," but I forgot yesterday...whoops).  Not only will this give my blog a little bit more to offer the two of you who read it (haha), but it will force me to post a bit more often.  It's like killing two birds with one stone (or post).  I like this idea.  So, to get started, I've taken the past "Why I Loves" from the Bookaholic and have decided to start working my way through the weekly growing list.  Needless to say, I'm a little behind.  My first selection is:  Favorite Childhood Friend.

This honor goes, undoubtably, to Charlotte Doyle.  I remember picking up Avi's The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle when I was in elementary school; I don't recall exactly when, but it was definitely in my younger years.  Little did I know how much this book would stick with me and how I would still consider it one of my all-time favorite books. 

Charlotte, at the age of thirteen, has just completed finishing school in England and is about to set sail to Rhode Island and home.  Instead of the few families that are scheduled to be on the crossing, she comes to find that she is the only female (and passenger) that actually makes it to the ship.  As they cross the Atlantic, many adventures ensue.  Though I wouldn't necessarily categorize a lot of what happens to Charlotte as an adventure, such as being accused of murder, mutiny, an epic storm, and so much more, she fights through everything with a strength only to be admired and a broadening of her own personal horizons.

I think this is the reason I love her so much.  She's passionate, friendly, hard-headed, and a fighter.  All things that are not supposed to be a part of someone who's gone to "finishing" school.  There is so much action that Charlotte faces while on the high seas that every girl wishes they were her; at least I did.  The end of the book even throws a nice twist into everything.  It's an epic book with an even more epic heroine.  Everyone should read about Charlotte and her story and, I guarantee, you will come through loving her as much as I do.  And now I want to read this for the umpteenth time!


  1. This was one of my favorites! I need to find a copy and reread...

  2. Oh what a great pick!! You reminded me of a great read. I too read this when I was in elementary school and remember enjoying it quite a bit.


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