Smiling Irish Guys...Yes, Please! (Book #14)

I quickly plowed through Suzanne Supplee's When Irish Guys are Smiling yesterday around midnight (finishing after getting back from an evening of drinks with a couple friends) and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  Having picked this book up at, of all places, the Dollar Tree (I found twelve such dollar gems there recently), I'm rather proud of my investment.  Even if it had sucked I would have only been out a dollar.  Nothing to break the bank!  Thankfully, it didn't suck.

The book is technically a young reader (sometimes you need mindless, easy reads) and I was attracted to many aspects of the novel:  1) the cover art is attractive in a cartoon-y way.  2) the title reminds me of my first trip to Ireland with my good friend, Lindsey, in 2008.  3) it makes me reminisce over my time spent living in the UK (sigh...).  And 4)  I pretty much love anything set in Ireland or Scotland.

Irish Guys is part of an ongoing series called Students Across the Seven Seas, or the S.A.S.S. for short.  Each book is about a student, and other students they meet, who semesters abroad in a different location.  This is my first in the S.A.S.S. series and I'm sure I'll read more (just for the chance to read something light...and not set in the States).

The book focuses on Delk, a seventeen year old girl from Tennessee who decides to escape her "tragic" life and head to Connemara, Ireland for three months.  Along the way she meets new friends, has life-altering experiences, grows as a person, and falls in love (to be expected).  Though at times the episodes seem implausible, they do fit with the plot of the story.  The one thing I disliked about this book was some of the characters names.  Delk and her love interest, Pather, made me constantly refer to them as "Elk" and "Panther" because of the similar spelling.  At times this was completely unconscious.  Oh well.  If the only bad thing I can say about the book are the names, then it's not too shabby.

For who this book is geared toward and for what it was, I found this to be a good read.  Nice work, Supplee!


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