B.O.B. 12: Day 2

Bout of Books 12 Update Day 2

Though day two was not quite as successful as day one in terms of pages read, I still say it's a victory...because ANY reading is a victory.  I have faith that I will finish one (maybe two) books for the Bout of Books read-a-thon.  But for now I'm really enjoying my current read. 

Here's how the week is stacking up so far:

Currently ReadingA Sudden Light by Garth Stein
Pages Read:  68
Total Pages for the Week:  164
Books Finished:  0

Not stellar, but it's still pages!

Happy reading!


  1. Any reading is a victory!! Amen to that! Love it!!

  2. It sounds like you have the perfect attitude for this read-a-thon. I haven't gotten much reading done myself due to other obligations, but I'm counting it as a victory too.

    Happy reading! Hope the week picks up for you!


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