Top Ten Tuesday: Book Club Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and it's a way to share what you're loving in list form. The topic changes every week, so there is always something new to discover!
This week's topic is:  Top Ten Books I'd Love to Read with My Book Club.  I've been in a few book clubs, but they never seem to last for a lengthy period of time what with busy schedules and people losing interest quickly.  Regardless, these are a few books I'd really be interested in reading as a group and discussing.

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
  • I've been meaning to read this book for a long time, but haven't gotten around to it as of yet.  I think it would garner a good discussion about relationships and how memory is dealt with.
Blindness by Jose Saramago
  • This book just sounds awesome and disturbing.  A discussing of personal reactions would be interesting...
The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff
  • A rousing discussing of religion, faith, and love would undoubtably follow the conclusion of this book. 
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
  • I think reading this for a book club choice would force me to actually start reading it.  I've been meaning to read it for years....
The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay
  • Huge historical backdrops and following your dreams...what good book discussions are made of.
The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
  • Discussing the repercussions of the foster care system,. beauty, and the human spirit would be on the agenda with this book.
Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
  • See is a beautiful writer and I believe this book would lead to discussions of lyrical writing, history, and methods of adaptation.
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
  • A choice that would probably inspire discussion of "what if" in a group.  It would be interesting to hear what others would want to their last lectures to be.
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
  • Published with much scandal, I would love to read Flaubert's masterpiece and discover what others think about societal contraints and the intricacies of marriage. 
Musical Chairs by Jen Knox
  • Discussing mental illness, identity, class standing, and how family influences your actions, this would be an ideal choice for any book club.

I love books that make you think, but sometimes you do need to read a little fluff to break up the mental strain.  These books are not, by any means, fluff.  Perhaps that's why I haven't really picked any of them up.  Or...perhaps it's because I keep getting distracted by new releases.  Ugh!  Must remedy this.

What are some books you'd be interested in reading for a book club?

Also, look for next week's Top Ten:  Books I Can't Believe I Haven't Read in X Genre.  I haven't decided what X will be yet...

Happy reading!


  1. The Secret Life of Bees is an awesome read!! So, was The Last Lecture. :-)

    Here's a link to my TTT for this week:

  2. We read The Language of Flowers for book club a few years ago and it was a great choice. I bet the 19th Wife would provide a ton of conversation!

  3. Out of your list I have only read The Secret Life of Bees, but it was good!

    I think the biggest problem with book clubs would be people not finishing the book (which would be me... I'm slow!) but I do enjoy a great debate about books.

  4. We could be our own two person book club!! Lol

  5. Great list! I've always wanted to read the Secret Life of Bees myself! Here's my top 10 Tuesday list:


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