Beyond the Books: Beach versus Pool

This week's topic for Beyond the Books is:  Beach or Pool.  This is always a heavily debated topic.  Some people are so stuck in there ways...and I'm probably one of them!  Here's what I think:

I love...the BEACH!  Well, let's get a little more specific.  I don't like hot weather.  I don't like crowds (I could easily be a hermit).  So, you might be asking yourself "how can she like the beach if she doesn't like hot weather or people?"  I'm very specific in my beach preferences.  I like the Oregon Beach...because it's often windy, rainy, and not crowded.  However, there are times when the Oregon Beach is filled with people, often during the Summer months, and warmer than average.  For instance, this past weekend it was 81; that's incredibly warm for the Oregon Coast.  The water is very cold (numbingly cold) and tide-pools are a common sight along the coastline.  Now, there is a definite climate difference as you make your way down the coastal stretch of Oregon.  The northern Coast is stormy, the central Coast is foggy, and the southern Coast is warmer.  The terrain changes as well.  So beautiful!

While I do enjoy pools, I do not like the chlorine that is required for sanitation purposes.  It dries my skin out horribly and leaves me feeling sticky and stinky!  It also makes my skin burn much faster...even while wearing sunscreen. 

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  1. I agree. The beach is way better than the pool. I don't actually like swimming, so for laying out and reading a book, the beach wins for sure! The noise of the waves, the smell of the salt air - what's not to love? Plus there's walking and collecting shells and sandcastle building!

    What are your beach recommendations for Oregon? We're hoping to go on vacation there this fall. I appreciate any insights you can give me. It'll be my husband, our 5 year old son and me. We'll probably spend some time in Portland and then hiking around, but I'd like to hit up a cute beach town or beautiful beach at some point during the trip.

    1. Kate, if you are planning on basing your Oregon visit out of Portland, your best bet for beach towns are going to be Cannon Beach/Seaside. Both are relatively close to each other and offer great things! Cannon Beach is the home of Haystack Rock and The Goonies! Yes! Seaside has a charming boardwalk, carousel, and arcade that is fun for all ages. Both have beach access because ALL Oregon beaches are public property.

      If you plan on heading south of Portland, my personal favorite beach town is Newport. It's the home of NOAA and the Hatfield Marine Science Center (a free exploratory facility of ocean life), as well as a decent aquarium. There are also several lighthouses and multiple viewpoints in the area to visit.

      I hope you find this helpful and that you enjoy Oregon when you visit!


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