Beyond the Books: Favorite Words

This week's topic for Beyond the Books is:  Favorite Words.  The following are words that I find fascinating or fun to use.  Some serve a purpose.  Some are completely ridiculous.  But all of them make me happy :)

  • Simply because it reminds me of Super Troopers and it applies to so much.
  • Literally means "Super awesome" in English, but it's so much more fun to say in German and it definitely makes a more impactful impression!
  • Mainly used with "liquid" in front of it and in reference to coffee...the liquid ambrosia of life!
  • It's a fun word because it invokes ideas of magic and potions.  Again, I generally refer to my coffee as a magical elixir...
  • A fun game or an awesome word?  Awesome word! 
  • It reminds me of old-timey tricksters and it's fun!
  • Sounds harsh, which I like.  And it uses an X and J!  So against the grain!
  • It's always been my favorite word in English/Literature.  It's fun to say and it means something kind of silly.
  • Literal translation:  Hand Shoe.  Actual meaning:  Mittens/Gloves.  Hahaha
  • Translations:  Rabbit.  But it's super fun to say...
  • Literal translation:  Ball Writer.  Actual meaning: pen.  Again, a fun word to say.
So...basically I like words that are fun to say...haha.  What are some of your favorite words or phrases to use?

Beyond the Books is a weekly event hosted by Karen at Kissin Blue Karen.  Feel free to join in :)

Happy reading!


  1. Oh I love Elixir, and Juxtaposition. Those Xs don't get enough love, but they are so versatile. Great list!
    Thanks for playing along this week!


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